one day

There is a place

with trees and flowers a lake

a bit of time with shade and a rhyme

there is she

the one that will smile away the day

sipping life with easy smiles

the time will come

the day the moment

I will see her …smile

and take her hand to walk

.. with me

through time

.. there is a place

Love You

I cannot lift the destroyed drops

of your tears


cannot hold the pain out of you

I cannot be the one to raise your fear

and throw it to the sun

where it would burn away and die!

 I can

love you

  listen to you


with you through all that torments

I cannot


love you


©Mitch Bensel

I know the euphoria of nothing

when tequila says hi

danced inside turmoil of regret

filtered through bourbon’s net

eased into her wishes

with excited amnesia

dropped onto the floor

smooth was the touch

that ripped me from self


I know #alcohol


©Mitch Bensel

drink some of my confusion

taste the bitter of lost

lean into the shadowed part

daily it stares

wafting across unexpectedly

but the glass feels good in my hand

would offer you more

but you have had enough

hence the look in your eyes


©Mitch Bensel

do not the speak of tomorrow

listen not the cry of yesterday

dally between nor discern or demean

humans of us we are

rather this I dare say to do


be kind




calming giving restful


©Mitch Bensel

ripped the shirt off time

felt its hands punch me

minutely hourly precisely

with rhythm of defeat


.. delete..

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