Have it all

the million pieces of myself

slapping me with ..myself

… tomorrow would be a day 

if i can make it that way

   too many windows

they all look through … too many windows

    against my soul


     twelve million sideways moments

flipped across my lips

       .. to fall would only increase

the scraps 

          the millions of tics against my clock of rhyme


     I stand once more into the flow  ..

against that time of time..

the darkness began to swallow me with its hands

that rip and tear….

      but silence finally washed away my tears



I have a boat full of angels

     I have  The Creator of all

I have The Son of the Father

I have the Holy Spirit, the comforter

what more could I want

I have it all



    .. the way of thought then tears that follow

.. the walk that doesn’t fit the shoes

     the day with air I cannot swallow

is how I walk through the blue


    if upset falls from my heart

it is incorrect from the start

   .. my voice cracks yet strength is short

within my walls 

 i am invalid…


      i do not belong even with thought

if i hurt no i am not

……if i speak it seems it is a yell

when from my heart a whisper falls

..  i am invalid

.. when i finally am free from this place

    that does not see me nor allow

I hope that light holds me within

    …and sees my souls withdraw

only love of true can show me this

 ….only love of God is what will be

to remove the dirt of the stain of me

 and make me not    



there are dashes between words 

and moments between thoughts   

   shallow levels that appear

     on paper with pen

on the soul with    when 

     then there is now  

 it settles into me .. i watch

the keys under my fingers seem to

love the touch..and the flow

doesn’t want to stop

    but in a moment

time owns the way

     words  like ink in a pen

dry … but   and but  

  the flow will happen again

I know

I know you are out there

going through your day

working hard but being kind

no matter what is tossed

.. at you to you..

I know I will love you

more than love has ever lived


hurry up and find me

time is being mean


one day

There is a place

with trees and flowers a lake

a bit of time with shade and a rhyme

there is she

the one that will smile away the day

sipping life with easy smiles

the time will come

the day the moment

I will see her …smile

and take her hand to walk

.. with me

through time

.. there is a place

Love You

I cannot lift the destroyed drops

of your tears


cannot hold the pain out of you

I cannot be the one to raise your fear

and throw it to the sun

where it would burn away and die!

 I can

love you

  listen to you


with you through all that torments

I cannot


love you

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