©Mitch Bensel

what is this air around me
..when casual finds its way from her touch
why do i feel the heat move through
when just a moment is all i wish…
  what the hell is my problem
where did i mess up the common sense
i guess i dropped it into the bucket
of non and complacent mixed with piss..

now i go play with the waters of the fool
the waves know my walk
  shallow in the deepest pool
yes thats my foot
…this is my mouth
insert with pleasure
       please don’t doubt….
everyday has a moment
and it seems to have found me
now i go back into that air
around me


©Mitch Bensel

we see the air through the leaves..

watched the sunset…resting

   the dust we have been called

dust in the wind..

belief of this I once did..

   the little of us that hid within

this dust..

 dust in the wind…

creator of magnificent mountains …valleys

that hold wondrous life..

   to make a non of dust..

is not possible when the soul..is


eyes of your neighbor …look within

  see the universe within one life..

one bit of light

massive we are within this way 

the caverns of our flesh contain  

our mountains…our valleys 

the air escapes when we   first see..



©Mitch Bensel

enter the emotion it follows a whisper

turns the shout into the yell

of always…


not turning the edge of its blade

.. lost inside the twist    

enter the innocent of eyes  filled

liquid pain    … softness of rain

slows the thoughts  erasing

…….follow the two as they entwine

with layers of  waves they ride

   neither lost     both … gone

somewhere in this place called 


..enter     …my soul

as it watches once more

a swirl of anger  of heat of nothing

..so neatly placed upon the platter

now gold    


©Mitch Bensel

hi …  

i have looked into the eyes of sweetest release    

.. i have watched my hands

feel as my soul guided them

  movement matched my rhythm

as i tasted  nectar of the most beautiful flower

… so gently i felt…

was a dream i think…

for my mouth has never savored petals of velvet

so pure with beauty of life          ..hi


©Mitch Bensel

The warmth of her touch

moved through my being

searing my soul

forever yearning

never to be quenched

my heart dissolved

falling away

leaving me naked

flesh consume with desire

to be moistened by her lips

caressed by her breath

moving like light

dancing on the wind

I run

burning from the fire of her touch

overwhelmed with surges of pulsing passion


before I never want to leave

:::the warmth of her touch

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