Dust Buddy …


I want to lie on the floor

look at the dust

crawl inside the hole

that sits near the wall 

if I try real hard 


I can fit

if I cry real hard

maybe I can swim

ya think there is a boat

down in the dust

waiting to take me


I want to lie

on the floor and feel

its cold touch

maybe it will

quench this pain’s thirst

see that cookie

well only a piece is left

here on the floor

where I lie

if I grit my teeth

can I fly to the top

and see if the dust

walks there too…

oh I like this dust

so light you see

small and teeny

just like me

down on the floor

where I belong

floating away in my boat

looking for a gentle

island of gum


Pressing harder against the floor

I slowly dissolve

smaller than dust

wiser than all….

I Want…


I want to hold time as it falls

from your shoulders   

to lift your eyes 

let them see the light

of heaven’s love in mine

I want..

to press my lips softly

against yours

knowing the heat

of my kiss spirals into

your soul

I…want to know your every fear

so my hands can crush the darkness

that flows from your tears

folding it away inside my depth

to let it feed on me


want the light to surround

your desires

so I can know your every wish

and move with ease to fill your


to taste the sweetest caress

my arms will lift easily a mountain

of pain

tossing away the doubts 

opening my being

exposing my weakness

I want my breath to mix

with your moans of pleasure

arching into eternity

I hold this 


within my soul

as I glance at time….

falling gracefully    down your shoulders

pouring your essence into my hands

 of hope….    

Wanna Take Me To Bed?


wanna take me to bed

see if I snore ..or maybe

hold my hand..

wanna kiss me goodnight

under the bright lights

so I wont feel the desire

to dance through the night

wanna take me to bed

let me watch you sleep

can I please..? I wanna 


kiss me while we lie in this bed

cuz I need to test the 


see if the salesman was right

in what he said..

wanna take me to bed?

c’mon..lets go

I promise I will only touch

every inch of your skin….

but only with my eyes

so you see..

let’s begin

ok ok I give it’s true

I want you..I need you

but now it’s late

and I’m through

I’m gonna go to sleep

in this bed of ours

what a waste of soft pillows..

and cool sheets

that let us slide right in

watch my dreams float into your


cuz you blew it darlin


no spankys..

Pssssst Wake up!

Levels of a Soul

layers of the cake

levels of a soul

the sky has its blue

but is that all it holds…

can we see without the eyes

speak with words unheard

will the moon still shine

if my back is turned..

where is my life

is it safe to say

that the whisper only wishes

it was louder this day

 could the night be the drink

for my lips to partake

I don’t know what I knew

for it raised into the blue

of the sky that holds more than a sparkle

or two

now that is the query

the question the myth…

am I really here

do I really exist

falling I think

I saw the air smile

now I know    what I thought

and I will say   what I think

levels of the soul

layers of the cake

watch the movement of one second


into the mind 

it will take a trip across the grass

the sun     the light that plays

when the day is done..

and will it drop 

into my hands

as I roll it into a ball

throw it against the well known 

sands   of

layers of a soul

levels of a cake

the sky is blue…

        so you think….

Oh.. my

::Feel as I thrust through 

moving deeply        quench my desire

::hot probing thoughts enter..as I move

pushing against seeking the comfort of release

our flesh wet

         heat of passion

slides easily..

pumping into your depth  

movement like fire devouring 

::pulsing into eternity::

The threshold collapses..

breathless..my being      exposed

raw pleasure escapes

leaving me aching

for the heat to 

consume me..    again

The Light That Left….

©Mitch Bensel

I walked into the room

a light was there

soft, easy on the eyes

the light moved with others

I reached, for a touch

such brightness, such softness

slowly the light moved to my hand

gently I held

It stayed with me

for the night

I laughed as her softness

began to fill me

We played, as this flowing energy

moved with me

stayed with me

others reached

for my light

She moved away wanting only

my touch

Time covered us with


Light..moved into my heart

then deeper

into my soul

A moment I was complete

my light

my love

The darkness moved slowly

My soul, was filling

with a shadow..my light moved

Not able to live

not able to breathe

with darkness

Slipping softly into my heart

she escaped, but for a moment

for you see

my heart pulled the darkness

the illness


My light moving to survive

caressed me one last time

and went back

to the others

I walked into the room

my eyes held sorrow

my light was being held by another

was just a simple touch

but was not my

..simple touch

Falling back, my heart pounding

crawling out, away from all

I will not smother

the light

so soft, so easy on the eyes

She is no longer mine

I move to another room

other lights reach for me

my darkness pushes them away

From a distance

I will look at

her light

reach no more

as others are touched

my heart will pound

my soul will die

yet I will not

move to hold

:::my light:::


©Mitch Bensel

If I walk will I feel the pain

::as I run will I taste the rain

cover    me     dark night

surround me     wither my soul

for I ache for release

from this pitiful existence

your laugh sends

the air piercing me with


throwing my soul into

currents of time


if only I was lost

in a field of warm sunshine


against her embrace 

smelling the scent

of flowers 

watching as they 

twirl in the morning light……


I scream for its subtle flow

playing on my skin

cover me

drown me

tell me?….

if I walk…will I feel the pain…..

Two Worlds

©Mitch Bensel

the air itself holds her


time drinks her beauty

splashing me

with a flippant 


surrounded I am alone

with a dream

crawling inside this place

where love soaks my veins

and seals my breath

upon her..

simple is a kiss

pressing, opening

releasing passions sting

deep into moist lips

eyes see light moving through

a strange place…

the air  full of dismay

sitting up I push my hands

into the air

fingers turn as fists slam

my chest

soaked now from sweat 

 tears of loss devour my soul


I live here in this world

I exist in another

that holds a life I can

never have….

I exist here ..in this world

I live..in another

that can never be

let me close my eyes

fall into her air

screaming, moaning

I die from desire

and yearn

for a 


A Love Story

©Mitch Bensel    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdGGOAW0xLk

Listen to the above link to HEAR the story being narrated by Jacqueline Belle

A Love Story


Mitch Bensel

     Every day I listen to the sounds of morning. They always lead into the evening darkness of silence with those whispers from the night life. She walked into my life on a day of sun with a breeze that wouldn’t slow its touch across me. She was selling fresh fruit grown from her yard. Her eyes struck me first with a brilliance of that look of beyond time. Many people in my day I had noticed the lack of in their eyes. No light, only dull with a slam of boring crossing like a tic-tac-toe board into their minds.

     But on this day of sun and breeze she came into my life. Her small frame held her with an elegance and softness. Her hair fell across her shoulders with a wild abandon, although still held neatly away from her face with one pink ribbon. The sun on this day caught the blonde strands causing them to find a life that matched the brilliance in her eyes. How could I stand next to this person from another time in life? A time of romance and beauty that was always held in respect.  

     “Would you like a few of my apples sir?”  Her voice circled me, flew into me knocking the air out of my lungs. She lifted an apple bright with red and shine for me to see. I do not move very well anymore, my arms are slow with their reach. I tried to raise my left arm too quickly take the red apple from her hands. Wanting her to know that yes indeed I wanted to buy her apples and possibly have a moment of her time for conversation, so that I could selfishly enjoy her company and her beauty of soul.  

    She smiled and walked closer to me so that I could hold the fruit of her hard work. Suddenly she frowned and seemed worried. I didn’t want this, “thank you I will buy a dozen but why do you frown?” I asked already knowing the answer.  She looked at my deformity my injury from a war of stupidity. Wars a creation of proof that mankind is  but a child playing with the gifts given by the universe. Messing up the face of life with heated pain and death.  

    Unable to stand with a steady strength and with my arms bent and crooked she looked at me with a wish it seemed, that I didn’t have any pain. “What happened to you kind sir?”  Her question caught me off guard, for I didn’t expect her to still be standing near me let alone to be asking me about myself.  

    She slowed for a moment then smiled. She lifted the apples into a basket.  The park was full of young and old enjoying the day of perfect. She looked at the long path I was on and asked even another question. “May I help you take these to your home?” Her dress of cotton with small blue flowers flowed in the breeze. I caught a whiff of her scent. She smelled of lemons, yes, I think lemons is what I inhaled.  I couldn’t answer immediately as I fumbled for my money my awkwardness grew and this was not comfortable for me. Finally getting a grip on the dollars I handed them to her. I shook a little, it’s what I do at times. But it passed and she lightly took the money from my hand and touched me.  

     Now I have to say this for in her touch a spasm of intense joy found flight through and into my core. I was blessed to have touched an angel. “I live not far, could you please help me? That would be wonderful.”  We walked slowly and talked of many things the beauty of life. She fascinated me.  

    She grew fruit to help pay her bills and keep her small bit of land she owned. She was the same age as I but she seemed like that of youth. I knew I would never have anyone in my life to share the moments that I enjoyed. For I am one of another time and place.  At least that is what I have always felt. There are very few people that I enjoy. They are closed to the wonderful nature of life.  And I am crippled in the form of flesh not much looked on as anything of good just enough good looks but not enough normal.

    She looked upon my small cottage near the edge of a pond slowed then smiled, “what a magical place this is! You live here?”  She asked I heard her but saw every subtle movement across her way of flow. For a moment I couldn’t move. “Yes,” one word came from my mouth and that was it. I had found it almost impossible to speak for some reason around this woman. “Yes it is my home you can put the apples on the porch.” I didn’t want her to have to linger with a crooked broken man any longer than she had to bear.

  She leaned to rest the apples onto my porch. I had to sit soon or I would fall. One of my spasms of shaking was going to hit and I didn’t want her to see. I thanked her and tried to make her leave me but she wouldn’t move. It started and she watched. Her frown grew as she then reached once more to help me to the chair on my porch. Intensity of every wonderful feeling I have ever had rushed through me once more with just her small touch onto my arm. The spasms stopped as quickly as they started.  

    She talked with me on the porch for several hours. The time of night was finding us and I bid her to leave before the darkness would cover her walk back to the park and to her car. We talked of silly things of curious things we had seen and laughed so hard we cried. Never had I enjoyed a moment as much as I had enjoyed this moment. It came in the shape of a woman with a cotton dress that had blue flowers and the smell of lemons.  

  I always remember and hold on to times of magic and ease into my place of soul. I have nothing to offer anyone that would hope to be my wife. I cannot function in the way of normal that couples enjoy. She would never be able to be happy with me. I would surely bore her. My thoughts ran through my mind like this parallel with our conversation. I sure did jump quickly into having a life with a woman I had just met. But I am a dreamer and always will be.

    She left but with a turn as she waved she smiled and said. “I will be back tomorrow we have much to talk of.”  I waved as I sat on my porch.  My chair of wicker of old held me comfortably. I reached to eat one of the apples. Delicious.

In time she grew to be very fond of me. I was already very fond of her.  

  She came into my life on a day of sun and breeze but she became my sun and breeze. We walked through the days and held the nights with magic, vision and a touch. Nothing more was needed. For in our love we had flight within and to our core with just a simple hold or touch of hand against hand.